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Sara ~ Chief City Chick

Gina ~ aka Operations Manager Chick

I first met Gina at our very first City Event at the Marriott crop in Jan. 2014.  She had just recently moved to Knoxville from California and was looking for her next crafting hangout.  Well, the rest is history!  She began cropping at the store and then made her way onto our Design Team.  I already had my eye on her and while on one of our Cabin retreats, I snatched her up and made it official. Thankfully, her hubby let me take her away from home...although, I don't think her three furbies like me so much!  

Gina is a go-getter and doesn't set still.  She magically can read my mind most of the time and she's already fixing or doing things before I can even tell her.  She has stepped into her new role of Store Manager beautifully and has taken on the daily operations of the storefront, which is allowing me to plan for bigger and better things for The City as well as allowing me to be on the road at shows and crops.  Gina was meant to be on my team.  She's crafted for years and is amazing at it!  She scrapbooks as well as makes cards and is quickly getting addicted to all of the mixed media supplies.  Recently, she's been a pro at making all of the Scrap Club class pages for me and they have been sold out every month since :)  

Thank you Gina for all that you do for me and for allowing me to be at home with my babies when I need to and at all of their school functions and sports really means everything to me!  You allow me to keep the dream of the store alive while still being able to spend these precious years with my children.  You are really a God-send and I'm blessed to have you as my friend and teammate.  

Amanda ~ aka Sales Chick

I love Amanda's story with The City.  Her hubby came into our very first location about 7 years ago and asked if we would be willing to teach him & his wife how to scrapbook in a private class/date.  I just loved the idea and thought he was so sweet.  He had proposed to Amanda at Disney World and wanted to make a scrapbook with her of the engagement and he thought she might enjoy scrapbooking.  Well... let's just say I don't think he had a clue about the can of worms he had just opened up!!!  LOL  They came in on their date night and it was a complete surprise for Amanda and we just fell in love with them as a couple.  And you guessed it, that wasn't the last time Amanda came to scrapbook.  She quickly picked up the hobby and fell in love with the art of preserving her memories.  I feel like I've been in their lives from the beginning... I've watched them get married, have their precious baby boy Arthur with all of his first milestones, and now they've bought their first house!  Little Arthur is hilarious and takes after his mommy.  He knows that The City is her happy place and has even asked if he can work here too.  

Amanda's scrapbook pages are so detailed.  I could just stare at her pages forever.  She loves to layer and layer some more and all the little details really make her style amazing.  She can really tell a story with her layouts.  She loves to document the every day life of their family as well as all the big moments.  You probably recognize her most from her many terms on our design team, and she tends to work on Sundays at the shop.  I'm very blessed to have Amanda as part of my team and know you will get the best customer service around with her.

Carla ~ aka Personal Shopper Chick

Carla was a customer at our store at one of our very first crops when we opened back in 2007.  We immediately fell in love with her bubbly personality and her laugh.  She gets the trophy for juggling multiple projects at once for sure!  At any given time you will find her cutting vinyl on her Cameo and making shirts, stamping and making cards for the next card swap, editing hundreds of photos at a time…and while they are printing she can even spit out several fun scrapbook pages!!  She brings that same enthusiastic energy to the sales floor at The City.  You better watch out when shopping under Carla’s watch…she’ll have you buying the complete set of Copic markers that you didn’t know you ‘needed’ when you came in only for adhesive, LOL.  She loves to help customers find the perfect paper and embellishments to go with their pictures.  

If you can catch her for a moment it will be on the weekends or at crops as she’s a 1st grade teacher during the week.  She has a precious family that is always on the go…I swear I don’t think she sleeps.  Her beautiful children are Olivia, Nathan & Luke and they love hanging out at The City while she works in the summer.  She is a loyal City Chick all the way and I am proud to have her on my team.

Jonna ~ aka Backstage Operations Chick

Basically, Jonna makes me look like a rockstar!  She does all the tedious tasks behind the scenes to make everything work at The City. She has her hands in almost every aspect... from the organization of a project to the processes that bring it to completion.  I can come up with an idea and she can make it happen.  She's my 2nd set of hands that I've always needed.  Everybody needs a Jonna and I couldn't do all that I do without her!  I make a class and she cuts, kits and creates the instructions for it.  She's become a pro at the Cameo machine with designing as well as cutting.  She's patient and a perfectionist which are two qualities that make her the perfect City Chick for the job.  When it comes to data entry and website work, she can speed through it like lightning.  If I'm overloaded or just not getting my creative mojo, I can even ask her to design a class... and she still delivers!  

She works tirelessly and rolls up her sleeves to get the job done. Thank you, Jonna, for making me look so good and put together :) and for your love and loyalty.  I'm always saying 'Jonna has saved the day' because she's helped me pull it all off.  With her on my team, I know whatever project or idea I have next can be done!

Kim ~ aka Pinterest Chick

I don't think I have ever seen Kim without a smile on her face.  She loves her friends and loves being a City Chick.  She has been a scrapbooker and card maker for years and truly gets giddy over new paper lines!  If there's a new Thicker set released, I know to just go ahead and pull one for her and add it to her tab.  She will readily admit that she's a collector of all things papercrafting just like we are :)  She is constantly keeping up with all the social media and new lines being released ...most of the time faster than I can keep up!  She is a Pinterest junkie (who isn't right?!) and will be heading up our new Pinterest parties at the store as well as keeping up with our store Pinterest account.  Crafters thrive off of eachother's inspiration and Kim loves to share all her projects.

I love that she is married to her 'highschool sweetheart' and they also run a business together - Crossfit West Knox.  They make the perfect team and together have a four-legged baby boy named Fritz.  He is the subject of most of her Facebook posts and her layouts.  Somehow she manages to find a few hours each week to spare and spend, in her happy place, with us and I'm grateful to have her on my team.

Margaret ~ aka Mixed Media Chick

Margaret is our newest addition to the City Chick team and I'm so thankful I've snatched her up.  She's been a member of our design team for the last several terms and we've gotten to know her really well.  She's definitely caught the attention of a lot of customers with her talented work.  She has always been a crafty person and loved anything to do with paper or paint but lately she's gotten more into the mixed media.  I think I can safely guess that her favorites are anything Tim Holtz and Graphic 45 :)  She loves that inky vintage look.  She's also a fabulous card maker and has fallen in love with Lawn Fawn stamps and dies.  You will most likely find Margaret either teaching a class or doing demos and Make-N-Takes at our new station downstairs.  If you are ever shopping and need any inspiration on how to use a product, she will definitely be your go-to chick for ideas on how to use it.  Her favorite quote is very fitting for her personality ~ 'Creativity is Contagious' by Albert Einstein.  Welcome to the team Margaret!

~ City Chick Hall of Fame ~

Amy ~ aka Merchandising Specialist Chick

Amy has been with Scrappin’ In The City since 2013 and has been in the scrapbooking industry for many years now.  She will admit she’s an avid collector & lover of all things crafty.  She started with us on our Design Team sharing her beautiful & detailed scrapbook pages, which later evolved into Project Life pages and now she dabbles more in stamping, Copics and card making… but don’t worry, she still collects the paper like we all do!  Amy has a knack for setting up displays with the merchandise at the store.  She can take an empty display and turn it into such a happy space making you just want to buy it all and she can really work her magic on new product shipments.  I can always tell when Amy has been working, because I walk in and everything looks so nice - every display is perfect and fresh.  Maybe you could say she’s a little OCD… just a little :)  I fully expect to find my cabinets & drawers labelled one day after she’s worked! LOL  

She is also a doting wife to her hubby and she’s an amazing mother to her 2 children, Molly & Matthew.  Like any mom, she stays busy keeping up with her family.  She Homeschools both of her children and is also the caregiver to her grandmother.  I’m thankful that I get a little piece of her at The City and blessed to have her on my team.

Dixie ~ aka Lead Designer Chick

I’ll never forget Dixie coming to me and saying how much she loved my shop and that she didn’t know how yet, but that she wanted to be a part of The City.  I jumped on that offer and knew exactly where I would put her!!  She now leads our Design Team with challenges, inspiration and direction.  Carrying the title of Lead Designer is a lofty job... she's always teaching at the store and sharing her knowledge of new products, tools & gadgets with us all.  She's the star of almost all of our YouTube videos and tutorials AND she's the writer to the majority of our blog posts!  She’s been my travel buddy to a couple CHA shows and she's always coming up with bigger and better visions for our shop.  I love that she challenges me to stay 'in the know' and on the cutting edge with new products.  She has an eye for looking at new products and instantly thinking of what she could do with it.  She brings in the most beautiful cards, tags & projects into the store and we are all always oohing and aaahing over her designs.

She gets the prize for the most kids of our group…FIVE!!! shew… can you say wonder woman?!... and she has even homeschooled them all!  That makes me tired just thinking about it!  Jenna is away at college in Provo, UT @ BYU.  {since most of the scrapbooking companies are based in Provo, I think Dixie & I need to go visit Jenna and all of our vendors!}  Jayce just went away on a mission in Indonesia!  Dallin, Seth & Catherine are all still at home with her.  
When does she find the time to craft you might wonder? - you could probably find her late at night after all the house is asleep, down in her craft room.  Again, I'm grateful that I get just a piece of Dixie and I’m so thankful to have her on my team…she’s full of inspiration, love and a lot of creativity!

Trish ~ aka City Chick Original

Trish has been a huge part of our store from practically the first week of opening! She was one of our first customers and came by to visit and shop on a regular basis and was always asking how she could help out.  Her boys would always be with her and loved hanging out at the store with my boys.  We quickly became close friends and she has been by my side since.  Trish amazes me with all her talents.... she is an amazing 'SuperMom' , fabulous designer and crafter, a Spanish teacher @ CAK, a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, baseball fan of her boys, the best cupcake baker, spoiling aunt to her nieces, business woman, and so much more...  She has such a love and pride for Scrappin' In The City and has devoted a huge amount of time, thought, energy, sweat and tears.  She's been my go-to chick and she's my personal cheerleader too :)  I just smile every time I see her.

Trish is no less amazing in our scrapbooking world.  Before we even had a Design Team, we began displaying her layouts throughout the store.  She is the most enthusiastic scrapper I know and truly gets giddy over new product lines.  She's that kind of scrapper that you are sooo jealous of and want to copy everything she does!  :)  Guess that's why she quickly became known for the most scrap-lift-able designs.  She's always completely organized and has her kits prepared with embellishments, paper, sketch and picture while I'm still trying to pick a picture to print!  Forget eating and sleeping at a crop....when Trish is cropping its die-hard scrapping....all night long! She has a massive Thicker collection, the best punch assortment, she's addicted to Stickles and Liquid Pearls and is always looking for that next cute boy line.  Her newest love right now is her Silhouette Cameo which has led to an awesome Etsy shop ThisCraftyChica.

Thank you Trish for all your years of dedication & support.  Scrappin' In The City would NOT be where it is today without you.  You have definitely left your mark on the store and continue to be our customers favorite Chick!  I will forever be grateful to you and look forward to spending more 'down' time scrapbooking with you again.  


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