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Very Important Chick (VIC)
Loyalty Cash exclusively @ Scrappin' In The City

Scrappin' In The City appreciates customer loyalty. We realize you have a choice and we want to thank you for supporting our small business. To reward our loyal customers, we have a ‘creative cash savings’ program just for you. Sign up when you visit the store, and each purchase automatically qualifies.  

Simply shop with us at Scrappin' In The City and earn your constant rewards each and every time.  We’ll keep your Loyalty card on file in our 7 Gypsies file drawer at the front desk. Just grab your card each time you are in the store shopping and start adding up the rewards. 

After 6 visits, we’ll add up your total and give you a 6% credit… 
each and every time!!
That’s banking 6% in Creative Cash every time you shop with us.

Program Policy:

  • 6% Creative Cash will be issued on a gift card AFTER your 6th visit.
    You may then use that gift card however you wish; on classes, crops or product!
  • The amount listed per box will be the subtotal per day of your purchase
    including sale and clearance items less any discounts.
  • Previous holds cannot be held and then purchased with your VIC discount on the day of the sale.
    However, you may order items not in stock with your discount 
    if prepaid
     on the day of the sale. 
  • Creative cash earned is based on product only. No classes, crops, events or retreats will be added to boxes.
  • If you have achieved VIC status & you shop a VIC sale, your card will then be reset to white status and you will work towards that 6th purchase again and towards achieving VIC status for the next sale.
    If you cannot shop any upcoming sale, you will not lose your VIC status.  It only resets once it is redeemed on shopping day.  

Are you a VIC?...Very Important Chick…What color is your card? After your first card is redeemed, your 2nd card will change from white to turquoise…and you NEED the Turquoise VIC card!! When you achieve the VIC status you will receive a FREE exclusive City Chick design tote bag. Then there will be exclusive shopping days just for VIC tote bag holders.   Every 5th Saturday throughout the year will be an exclusive for VICs.  So you want to earn VIC status by the next 5th Saturday to shop with your exclusive tote and everything you can fit inside that bag is 25% off…Everything!!!

Contact Us:

Phone: 865.247.6879
Address: 777 N Hall of Fame Dr
                Knoxville, TN 37917
Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sundays 1-5pm
Now open 7 days a week!!